Opdræt af muslingeyngel på liner


Mussel farming has a high potential for contributing to a sustainable blue growth in the Baltic. To fulfill this potential, research and development is needed on several levels. The overall goal of BONUS OPTIMUS is to provide robust evidence-based ecological, social, and economic documentation on optimized use of farmed mussels as a mitigation tool for eutrophication that in turn can be a sustainable protein-rich feedstuff for fish.


23 January 2018
2018 OPTIMUS Annual Meeting
OPTIMUS project members met this April in Warnemünde, Germany for a series of presentations and discussions on progress over the past year, as well as planning and organization for activities in 2018-2019.

23 January 2018
First German stakeholder workshop
On 23 January 2018 the first BONUS OPTIMUS workshop about the case study site Greifswald Bay took place in Stralsund.
There was a lively debate about mussel farming during this first German stakeholder meeting.

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20 MAY 2018