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Short movie

The short movie “Blue mussel farming for improving water quality in the Baltic Sea” is about the potential of mussel farming in the south-western Baltic Sea. It shows exemplified by the Limfjorden in Denmark the differences between mussel farming for human consumption and for mitigation purposes. It highlights the potential of farmed mussels to clean the water, but informs also about possible negative effects on the sediment below the farm.

To underline different views on mussel farming three stakeholders were interviewed – Daniel Taylor (DTU Aqua) as scientist, Jens-Peder Hedevang (Local politician), Henning Mørk Jørgensen (environmental ngo).

The target group is the general public and stakeholders not yet involved in mussel farming. The short movie was produced by EUCC-Germany in close cooperation with the Danish Shellfish Centre in Limfjorden / DTU Aqua. The movie with a length of 07:25 will be used for the stakeholder processes within in the project but also after the project end.


The first episode of MantaCAST! is about the advantages and potential of mussel farming in the South-West Baltic Sea focussing on the research farm in the Greifswald Bay (Germany).
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23 MARCH 2023