Publications from BONUS OPTIMUS

4.1 Maps of particle depletion around different mussel farms (in-situ, satellite, modelling) with background and explanatory information

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3.1 Report on Production Optimization

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Article in Frontiers

Taylor D, Saurel C, Nielsen P and Petersen JK (2019) Production Characteristics and Optimization of Mitigation Mussel Culture. Front. Mar. Sci. 6:698. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00698


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Book chapter in Goods and Services of Marine Bivalves

(Editors Aad C. Smaal, Joao G. Ferreira, Jon Grant, Jens K. Petersen, Øivind Strand)

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EUCC’s magazine ‘Coastal & Marine’ Special ‘Blue mussel farming for improving water quality in the Baltic Sea’ (volume 2019-1), ISSN 1877-7953

The current issue of 'Coastal & Marine' informs about research results on blue mussel farming for improving water quality in the Baltic Sea.

Low salinity and harsh weather conditions have together with low regional interest in mussel products prevented a development of mussel farming in the Baltic Sea. But as the goals for environmental quality in the Baltic coastal zone have still not been met, the ecosystem services provided by mussel farming become a potential important tool for mitigation of the effects of nutrient enrichment. Combined with an increasing demand for the valuable protein source that blue mussels are both for human consumption and as a feed ingredient, mussel farming has potential also in the Baltic area.
This issue of the EUCC magazine 'Coastal & Marine' presents in a brief and popular form a synthesis of what has been already learned. Mainly based on case study sites in Denmark, Sweden and Germany the authors report on e.g. optimal production modes, how to quantify the possible positive and adverse effects of mussel farming on ecosystems and how best to integrate mussel farming into coastal maritime spatial planning.

The magazine was created by the project BONUS OPTIMUS - ‘Optimization of mussel mitigation cultures for fish feed in the Baltic Sea’ that has received funding from BONUS (Art 185), funded jointly by the EU and Baltic Sea national funding institutions.

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30 MARCH 2020