Goal and objectives


The overall goal of BONUS OPTIMUS is to provide scientific documentation for the potential and impact on the coastal environment of mussel aquaculture.


The goal will be met through a number of specific objectives:

  • Document ecosystem goods and services provided by mussel farming in the Baltic.
  • Assess impact and mitigation methods of mussel bio-deposition underneath mussel farms.
  • Provide multi-criteria tool for optimal site selection of mussel farming in relation to marine spatial planning in
    the Baltic.
  • Optimize production capacity, security and cost efficiency of mussel farming through development of new
    methods and tech transfer from the Western to the Central Baltic.
  • Develop cost-efficient techniques for processing mussels into fish feed.
  • Test mussel meal as a marine protein ingredient in fish feed.
  • Explore the socio-economic barriers, solutions and perspectives in using mussel farming as a mitigation tool
    in relation to eutrophication.